“The mayor of Kostenets promised municipal councilors 30,000 levs to vote for certain decisions in his interest”, Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev said during a briefing in connection with an investigation against the mayor of Kostenets. “This is another case of good service interaction. Bulgarian citizens should know that the security services, the justice system in the Prosecutor’s Office, do most of the work well”, Geshev said. According to him, this is the only way to respond to the dishonest attitude to the Prosecutor’s Office and the services, and the claims that there are no results in the fight against corruption.

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Radostin Radev, photo by: duma.bg

According to him, in the case of the mayor of Kostenets, this is a pre-trial procedure, which is under the supervision of the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office since March. “It was based on information provided by the Anticorruption authority for data on a corruption crime”, Geshev also commented, adding that as a result of his information and analysis, pre-trial proceedings were initiated. He added that as a result of the actions taken in the last days the subject of the act would be extended.

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“We have data that the mayor of Kostenets has carried out an embezzlement”, said Prosecutor Desislava Hristova. “In the course of the investigation, we encountered other unlawful actions. Evidence is about to be collected. This is, in addition to the text on the illegal stowage of ammunition, for embezzlement. We have data that the mayor has withdrawn the sum of 17,000 levs from the treasury of a municipal enterprise. The mayor has not exercised his powers under the guarantee contracts that are in favor of the municipality”, Hristova added.

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