“The reality is that by 2020 there will be over 50 billion devices, from coffee makers to automobiles connected on the Internet. To take advantage of all the benefits which digitisation can bring, we need harmonised and adequate rules for new technologies. Therefore, the completion of the digital single market, I’m working on it is so important”. That said the Bulgarian MEP Eva Majdel (CEDB/EPP) during the high level business forum organized by Facebook and the think tank ”Lisbon Council” in Brussels on 29th June.

epa05570194 Guests inspect the new Pixel phone by Google after it was introduced at a Google product event in San Francisco, California, USA, 04 October 2016. EPA/JOHN G MABANGLO

“The development of technology and digitalization of business and trade occur regardless of national boundaries or the legislation. The point is to help the process and to make it easier for both developers and users through the appropriate legal framework at European level. On the one hand it will facilitate business, because he will have only one legal order with which to comply, not 28 as far. On the other side, all Europeans will have access to goods and services offered online in the whole of Europe, as well as adequate protection from cybercrime and data protection”, explained the Bulgarian MEP.

Brussels, Belgium, March 7, 2016, assignment for Teamwork at the European Parliament. © Fred Guerdin ©

On the forum for the future of the business was attended by creators and executives of some of the most prominent small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe, as well as high-ranking representatives of the European institutions. The main theme of the event was what are the trends of development of the business and what opportunities are identified in the Unified digital market.


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