More than 50,000 tons of asphalt have been placed so far on “Struma” Highway in the section between Kresna and Sandanski. The implementation of the 24-km section – Lot 3.3 of the highway, goes along with a very good organization of work. Unless there are unforeseen meteorological circumstances, the section will be completed by the end of 2018, which is half a year earlier than the contract term. This was announced by the press center of the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA).


Work is in progress on major facilities. 90% of the drains and 70% of the retaining walls are ready. In the section between Kresna and Sandanski there are two road junctions, 25 large structures – bridges over the rivers Struma, Zlinska, Gradeshka, Potoka, Rechica, Sandanska Bistrica, Leshnichka, overpass over the Sofia-Kulata line, 9 agricultural underpasses and overpasses, 4 recreational areas, which will also have toilets, etc.


For the first time in a project for the construction of a highway section, the construction of “Intelligent Transport Systems” is envisaged. They include traffic counting and traffic control stations, video surveillance, vehicle weight measurement and meteorological monitoring.

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