We have prepared a signal to the General prosecutor, which we will bring today. The expert of GERB Anton Todorov said that at a briefing at the National Assembly. “When one is acquainted with the report of the State Agency for financial inspection by the year 2016 which regards the management of the mayor of BSP Filcho Filev, the only thing that covers it is rage. It was replaced by a lack of Justice, which in 34 municipalities of BSP is visible, “he said.
бсп лява българия нинова
“This is the model that the BSP has. Some might call it feudalism of Bulgarian municipalities”, said Anton Todorov. “In the second report of the Agency has an extremely outrageous conclusion. 7 indicators of fraud are detected by financial auditors in the municipality. The scheme is used for draining of money with false documents. We don’t generate the creators of supporting points in party headquarters-it has been said by financial auditors,”said the expert. “Note the nerve of the model “Filchogeit”-are imposed administrative penalties. And the ten, which the Mayor appealed, are recognized as valid.

The second report registers increasingly feudalistic behaviour. “We are not searching for data, it found us. People come to us and we have to react,” he commented.” There are people and data that do not appear in the records of GRAO-this is a big scandal,” said Anton Todorov. “This is not the last such Conference. 34 Mayor-34 gates by the mayors of the BSP,” he added.

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