“We have made a historic decision and I thank all the parliaments for the consensus we have achieved and the position we have built with Mr. Morales. With the possibility of parliamentary control of Europol, we give national parliaments greater involvement in everything related to the security issue”, said Tsvetan Tsvetanov, chairman of the GERB. He said security should not have a political influence and is very satisfied with everything they have done with all colleagues in local parliaments.


“Each Member State has to elect four MPs to take part in this parliamentary control, including the LIBE Committee of the European Parliament (EP). It is good that this result is real and has happened in Sofia and from now on the implementation of parliamentary control will always be on the rules adopted by the Bulgarian Presidency together with the LIBE Co-presidency of the EP”, Tsvetanov commented.


Tsvetanov said we are talking about a new approach to Europol’s work and is extremely pleased that, apart from the traditional accents – organized crime, the fight against terrorism – cyber-attacks and cyber-security are now being addressed, because in social networks the cases of self-radicalization are possible. “In this multi-year programming 2019 -2021, besides the integrity that must exist in all national bases and in all European systems, we are talking about a new approach to verifying the data that exists in all systems. This is the so called cross-checking for each person”, he explained.

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For the period when Bulgaria was not a reliable partner of Europol, according to Tsvetanov, the only two requirements to him and our country were that Bulgaria does not share information and that there are many employees who already have operational data that they export this information. Tsvetanov assessed the cooperation between Bulgaria and Europol as very useful. “There is a Bulgarian representative and the exchange of information is already permanent”, Tsvetanov said.

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About what follows after Brexit, Tsvetanov pointed out that Britain has one of the best security systems and what is worrying is what happens to the provider of this important information on EU security systems. He expressed the hope that with the introduction of this parliamentary control of Europol, this issue could be discussed at the level of representatives of national parliaments and representatives of the EP. According to Tsvetanov, sharing information, building trust and the Euro-Atlantic orientation of the Western Balkans will be extremely important because the countries in the region are part of Europe too.

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