Mobile data roaming in the Western Balkan countries will be drastically cheaper, Europe’s Commissioner for Digitalisation, Maria Gabriel, said. From August this year everyone will be able to use cheaper services and the real breakthrough will come from the summer of 2019, added Gabriel: “This is our goal – the summer of 2019 – 70 euro cents per megabyte, 2020 – 45 cents, 2021 – 20 cents, what is happening to the EU, we expect this to happen in the Western Balkans.”западни балкани - европа

European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Digital Society Maria Gabriel told a meeting at the home of Europe in Sofia about the new decisions at yesterday’s summit in Sofia and commented on other topical aspects of the digital agenda. “Yesterday, we opened a new page on the roadmap to reduce roaming prices, as we all know in the EU, we are already enjoying the same roaming prices and when we use mobile services when we are home, it cost 10 years of hard work and very tough negotiations.A few months after it became reality, we can present a roadmap for making similar proposals on the Balkans as well, “said Maria Gabriel.

The EU commissioner announced that as of 1 August the process of reducing the prices of mobile Internet roaming data packages will begin. “We have received a clear commitment from mobile operators in all Balkan countries to present their subscribers with new subscription bids and a new approach against the shock accounts we have seen so far,” said Gabriel Gabriel. Prices for megabytes in the summer will drop significantly, for the summer of 2019 the price is expected to be under 70 cents, and a year later 40 cents. “In the long run, by 2021, we expect the price to rise to 20 cents per megabyte,” said the commissioner for the digital economy.

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