With 1 million leva we will make accessible environment for people with disabilities in 12 schools, hospitals and municipal buildings in Bulgaria. This was announced by Minister of Labor and Social Policy Bisser Petkov in Plovdiv.

красива БългарияPetkov also announced that tomorrow there is a meeting of the Managing Board under the Beautiful Bulgaria project and part of the renovated buildings will be under this project. “We released this year as an accessible environment,” Petkov said. The program will be allocated BGN 1 million. “The proposal is 12 schools, hospitals and municipal buildings, which are part of 31 proposals, to receive funding for elevators, ramps and school buildings to receive funding for this project,” added Bisser Petkov. The municipalities will co-finance the project with a minimum of 10% participation.

снимка: iStock

снимка: iStock

According to the minister, the criterion of earning this money is the unemployment rate, and this resource is directed to smaller settlements. Such a resource can not be directed to a large city like Plovdiv, where unemployment is only 3%. “And now we are doing a lot about the accessible environment for people with disabilities, but it is not at the necessary pace,” the minister said. “We are doing what has not been done for many years in our country,” added Minister Petar Petrov.

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