“The great corruption and theft in Bulgaria come from the big infrastructure sites. In this situation, we have not only the legal but also the moral rights to demand the suspension of the concession at Sofia Airport. We filed a signal with the Prosecutor’s Office asking for a check-up and revocation of the decision of the Council of Ministers, which started the procedure for giving Sofia Airport a concession”, spokeswoman of the BSP parliamentary group Elena Yoncheva said.

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She reminded that Sofia Airport is the largest airport in Bulgaria and is part of the sites, which are on the list of importance for the Bulgarian national security. “According to Article 24 of the Concessions Act, no concession is allowed in case of danger to the national security and defense of Bulgaria”, Yoncheva said. She recalled that last year the concession was suspended by the government because it had reasonable doubts about the threat to national security.

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“Sofia Airport is 100% state-owned, with 6.5 million passengers last year, so it is profitable. At the same time, it is given a concession for a very long time. In fact, it is sold”, said BSP parliamentary group secretary Philip Popov. “There can not be a concession for a profitable enterprise without any benefit to certain people”, said Philip Popov.

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He recalled that, with a decree of the Council of Ministers of 2009, Sofia Airport was registered as a national security site and should not be given a concession. He commented that the contradiction with the Concessions Act is the main motive for the BSP to notify the Chief Prosecutor of the Republic of Bulgaria.

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