We will exchange between teachers and pupils from Bulgaria and Finland. This was told by Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland, Yucha Sipila. “You know that nearly 1000 Finnish soldiers have fought for the liberation of Bulgaria,” Borissov reminded. He announced that his Finnish counterpart had discussed topics such as tourism, education, energy and security. In his words, Bulgaria and Finland are a model for protecting the EU’s external borders, thanks to its political will, strong border police and agreements with third countries to work to ensure security

“The next topic – almost double increase of Finnish tourists in Bulgaria. I hope he comes to Bulgaria in the next few months, I have promised to take him to Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture, “added the Bulgarian Prime Minister.


Regarding energy, he said: “We have spent a lot of time on the Finnish model with the use of Russian nuclear power reactors. With our colleague, we have a plan to get the most out of our expertise in this field with Finland. ”

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