I declare on behalf of the BSP that when the time comes to make decisions we will cancel the concession at Sofia Airport. This is what BSP leader Kornelia Ninova said in a rejoinder to Iskren Veselinov from United Patriots and Jordan Tsonev from the MRF during the debates of the Concessions Law, submitted by the opposition, proposing that the objects of the prohibitive list of privatized persons not be conceded , FOCUS reported.летище софия

Regarding what Iskren Veselinov said from the United Patriots that BSP should first deny its concessions, the BSP leader declared that he had not been involved in any decision making on concessions. “I declare on behalf of BSP Bulgaria that when we come to make decisions about the future we will cancel the Sofia Airport concession, however much it may cost and whatever it demands from the Bulgarian state. to protect the Bulgarian national interest, “added Ninova.
In connection with what MP MP Jordan Tsonev said, if BSP would be consistent in protecting national sovereignty and in the Law on the BNB, Ninova turned to him: “Mr. Tsonev, national sovereignty is national sovereignty and whether he passes laws banks, airport or concessions is the same. When we say that we will keep it, it means we will keep it in different variants when trying to attack it, “Ninova said.

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