At the end of December 2018, a contract was signed between the Road Infrastructure Agency and the Motorway EAD for the construction of 134.14 km of the Hemus highway in the section from the Boaza junction to the intersection with the I-5 road Rousse – Veliko Tarnovo. It is based on Art. 14, para. 1, item 6 of the Public Procurement Act applicable to public contracting entities, such as API. Its value is BGN 1 124 880 000 excluding VAT and the funds are from the republican budget. The whole amount is in a special account with the BNB. The funds from it can be used only for activities on the 134 km stretch of Hemus Motorway. There are no payments at this time.karta_AM_Hemus

The contract will be sent for information to the Public Procurement Agency (PPA) within the statutory deadline of one month from its conclusion. Prior to his signature in the RIA, a positive opinion was received from the PPA.

“Avtomagistrali” EAD has no contracts with subcontractors for the construction of the 134,14 km of the Hemus Motorway. The construction of the section is divided into 6 sections. The goal is to be ready by 2023.

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