In the last month of 2018 consumer prices in Bulgaria remained at the level of November, according to the National Statistical Institute. Growth in inflation on an annual basis continues to slow down sharply from the five-year high reached in October, the figures show.

Annual inflation in Bulgaria in December 2018. has slowed down to 2.7%, reaching a 7-month low, according to NSI data. Consumer price index for December vs. November. is 100.0%, i. monthly inflation is 0.0%. The biggest increase was observed in recreation and culture – from 2.3%, followed by alcoholic beverages and tobacco products by 0.5%. At the same time, the most significant decline is seen in transport – by 1.2%. Prices in residential furnishings, household appliances and accessories and the usual home maintenance remain unchanged.


In the last month of last year, prices of medical services increased by 0.2% and prices of medicines and dental services remained at the level of the previous month.

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