Parliament adopted procedural rules for the election of a new Central Electoral Commission (CEC). The “Rules” voted 102 MPs against “0” and “abstained” – 1 with which they were adopted. Under the Electoral Code, the Parliament has the right to elect the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairs and the Secretary of the CEC. The other members of the Commission are appointed by the President on the basis of a proposal by the parliamentary parties and coalitions, as well as the parties and coalitions that have elected members of the European Parliament but who are not represented in Parliament.


They must do so in writing through the Registry of the National Assembly to the Legal Affairs Committee. This is 14 days from the adoption of procedural rules.

снимка: БГНЕС

снимка: БГНЕС

Данаил Кирилов
“The opposition is not in the plenary hall when discussing the rules of procedure for a new CEC, its absence reflects the purpose of the public attack,” said GERB MP and chairman of the Legal Commission Danail Kirilov during the debates. He noted that this procedure was inevitably linked with the BSP’s reactions. He pointed out that he would not talk about political motives and arguments. “I took the floor to inform my colleagues about the legislation of the Electoral Code,” Kirilov said, and specified that there were problems in this regulation from 2014. “When the CEC’s mandate ceased to be imposed in advance, in order for the argument , that a new CEC should be appointed with a new election code. This CEC was formed with the pretense of being a permanently functioning professional administration to govern the election process. Five years later we regret that we can see that this goal did not take place, “Kirilov explained.

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