Ivelina Vassileva is a candidate for MEP from the list of GERB and UDF. Since 2009 he has been Deputy Mayor of Eurointegration and Ecology in Burgas Municipality. From 2009 to 2013 Vasileva is a Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Environment and Water. She was elected to the National Assembly in the 42 rd National Assembly. He participates in the Environment and Water Commission and in the Committee on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds. In the second government of Boyko Borissov was elected deputy to the 43 rd National Assembly and headed the ministerial post at the MOEW.

With what attitude came in and participate in an already race for the European elections?

I have a positive attitude that, as a candidate for a representative of Bulgaria in the EP, I can, with my experience, with my expertise, with my knowledge of the European institutions, about the European programs and the funds, to contribute to Bulgaria’s worthy place. To defend our positions and, of course, to exploit the opportunities of the EU to make people’s lives better and safer in a strong Europe.


What are your priorities as a MEP? How will you transfer your experience as an environment minister and a European project expert to protect Bulgaria’s national interests and the interests of the EU?

My priorities are directly related to environmental protection. I think one of our main tasks is to work together for a cleaner and healthier environment. My priorities are also related to the opportunities the EU offers through solidarity to use cohesion and structural funds and other programs, including the LIFE program, to support initiatives and policies related to environmental protection. Protect the Black Sea, fight water pollution and waste pollution, including plastic waste. For which I have specific initiatives. The first is to adopt at a European level a Black Sea strategy that focuses on the development of settlements and the economy in the region, the conservation of the Black Sea and the stimulation of tiger, maritime transport, fisheries and aquaculture. My second specific initiative is to create a modern European laboratory in Burgas. You know, I am from Bourgas and I think this is the place where there is both scientific and academic capacity and the possibility, through the cooperation of all institutions, to create a modern laboratory where to study the quality of sea water and pollution with plastic waste. Of course, the state of marine organisms, because it is important for us, for the people. And the third priority, once again linked to plastic pollution, is the creation of a European plastic-free zone certificate. This will be a sign that will be given to beaches and restaurants where the use of plastic is used in order to avoid spreading and pollution. You know that more than 80 percent of the pollution of beaches and water basins is due to plastic waste.

снимка: БТА

снимка: БТА

How will you make people in small settlements understand that European elections are important and for them? And how will you help to improve the interaction between the institutions at local, national and European level?

Today I attended an event – the first sod – to launch a project for the construction of a composting and pre-treatment plant in Dospat. In a mountainous area where five small municipalities are united to realize a project that will benefit the 40,000 inhabitants living on the territory of these five municipalities. A project that is also important for the cleanliness of the area and for protecting this valuable nature. This is an illustration of how European solidarity provides support to every citizen. And not only this. Everything that has been done in recent years, along with the support and building of important infrastructure, both in agriculture and in the economy, through European funded projects and social activities backed by the European Social Fund , it matters. This is an important help we get along the lines of European solidarity and EU membership. Otherwise, the interaction between the institutions is key and I am convinced that in Europe we need to have a strong voice, a strong presence that can be provided through the representatives of GERB and the UDF in our list because we are experienced people. What is necessary is to clearly and categorically protect national ones, to oppose any attempt at second-rate differentiation, double standards and the treatment of states or people as second-hand. This is our positive, our contribution. As for the interaction between the institutions – I think that the very fact that the list of GERB and the UDF is headed by Maria Gabriel, who is the highest person in the European institutions – a commissioner, is a fact that speaks for himself. I think that in the years we have proven our presence in the form of a partnership between the institutions and our European partners. This was also demonstrated during the European presidency when we staked the European agenda. At the local level, I think that the interaction between local government, the government and, of course, the legislative power is extremely important. This cooperation ensures the success of policy implementation.

снимка: Darik News

снимка: Darik News

How do you evaluate your opponents’ lists? Are you worried by the Socialists’ demands for early elections if they take over the European Parliament?
These demands are characteristic of an opposition party that has repeatedly stated its prerogatives for holding early elections, changing power, so I am not surprised. What amazes me is this irresistible ambition for power, given that no real alternative and real solutions are available. I think that in history BSP has repeatedly proven that when they rule they lead the state to ruin.

Do you think domestic scandals will affect the vote?

I think they will have a reflection – that’s inevitable. The bad thing is that the reflection is to demotivate people to participate actively in the vote, to exercise their right to vote.

снимка: Izbori.bg

снимка: Izbori.bg

What position will you take in the clash of ideas for the future of Europe? How will you mobilize the right-wing voter to vote on May 26th?

Our position has always been clear and clear. Bulgaria has its worthy place, Bulgaria has proved to be a factor in the EU, Bulgaria has the ambition to develop at a rapid pace so as to provide people with a decent life, with a standard that meets the European average. Develop the economy, create the prerequisite for higher earnings. In this direction is the policy we have always conducted so far – the macroeconomic indicators of the country prove it.

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