The Council of Ministers approved a draft Law on Amendments to the Political Parties Act. The bill proposes changes specifying the rules for the formation and distribution of the state subsidy.


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The arrangements for planning the necessary costs for the state subsidy are further developed by differentiating the cases in which the beneficiaries receive a state subsidy for a whole calendar year or for a shorter period. There is also a transitional arrangement for the formation of the amount of the state subsidy for the period from 26.05.2016 to the entry into force of the amending law.

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In line with the public attitudes, the proposed changes will lead to a saving of budget funds and the fixing of subsidies in the amount of 11 levs for the vote actually received by the party or the coalition. Under the proposed legislation, the total amount of the state subsidy for political parties and coalitions for one year will be reduced by 6.5 million levs.

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