“The BSP supports reducing the party subsidy, but if it does not threaten the functioning of political parties. The proposal of GERB and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, supported by “Attack”, will lead to the disappearance of political parties”, said BSP deputy chairman Dragomir Stoynev in the Parliament. He stressed that this was a change in the model and threatened the democracy. “We will oppose it. We have always struggled against any attempt to endanger democracy”, he said.

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According to him, GERB’s proposal was made without an impact assessment, without consulting the political forces. “This shows that the government has never sought a long-term solution to the problem. For them, things are solved now, today, and tomorrow, the solution can be changed”, Stoynev commented. “Now they want to destroy the political parties. It is normal to have a subsidy cut because there are parties that can not even spend it”, he said.

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“We will invite all political forces between the first and second reading to discuss and if we have the power, to take the right actions so that we do not threaten the political life in the country”, explained the MP. He stressed that Bulgaria is a member of the EU and may be the first to introduce a model that destroys the foundations of democracy.

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снимка: debati.bg

“GERB is condemning parties not to be independent as well as to disappear”, the deputy chairman of the BSP added. According to him, there is no other country to look for a similar way of funding that GERB offers. “We will make proposals for updating the budget, but the way the government is working, does not make a policy”, said Dragomir Stoynev.

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