BSP’s leader Korneliya Ninova sent a letter to the European Commission, the OSCE, the PACE, the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the EP and the ambassadors of the EU and US countries in Bulgaria in connection with the amendments to the State Budget Act which will change the funding of political parties. The letter explains that the adopted change plans the reduction of the state subsidy for the parties and the coalitions to be equal to 1 lev per vote instead of the current 11 levs.

субсидия пари лев

“These changes affect the basic principles of the functioning of political parties, their transparent financing and their non-commitment to corporate interests. Amendments are made without preparation or discussion, three months before the local elections, depriving the opposition of a resource for equal participation in the electoral process”, the letter says.

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According to Ninova, the GERB’s proposal for a 1 lev per-vote subsidy is far from adequate, as the best proof of this is the words of Prime Minister Boyko Borissov when the bill was submitted to the National Assembly: “It will finally become as in many countries – billionaires and oligarchs are also prime ministers – it will not take long and parties will become the property of businessmen”.

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The leader of the BSP underlines that the reduction of party subsidies and the admission of legal entities fundamentally change the functioning of the democratic political system in Bulgaria. “Politics is becoming a function of private interests for which there is no guarantee that they will represent the public interest. Eventually, political parties will be obliged to service their donors”, the letter says.снимка:

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The BSP recalled that they had sought a dialogue on the subject with the parliamentary parties, but that did not happen. According to the party, the decision is contrary to European democratic practices that guarantee political pluralism. “We believe it is our duty to inform the European institutions of these anti-democratic actions, hoping for a response and a position on this issue”, the letter says.

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