Parliament passed the first reading Election Code changes. 122 MPs voted “for”, 96 “against”, and “abstained” – 1. The amendments were submitted by GERB and signed by the United Patriots’ parliamentary group. The texts abolish the machine vote for local and parliamentary elections. This type of vote will remain for presidential and European elections.

снимка: БГНЕС

photo by: BGNES

During the debates in the plenary hall, the deputy chairman of the MRF parliamentary group, Yordan Tsonev, said the party would insist on machine counting of the votes and would not support the changes in the electoral legislation. “Let us sit between the first and second readings and solve the problem for the future, so that there is time for the machines to be produced, the software to be created and eventually a machine counting to be set”, he commented.

Йордан Цонев снимка: БГНЕС

Yordan Tsonev, photo by: BGNES

According to Filip Popov (BSP), the ruling parties are afraid of the forthcoming elections, so they want to abolish the machine vote. “The trust and support of power are decreasing so they use aggressive and brutal means to keep the power, the first victim, of course, is democracy in all its dimensions. In all these facts, some technical problems, which are also solvable, are placed as an obstacle to the introduction of machine voting, which sound offensive to the intellect of all Bulgarian citizens”, he noted.

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