The first cases of African plague have been reported in southern Bulgaria. Preliminary laboratory tests on two wild pigs shot on July 28, 40 kilometers from Plovdiv, show the presence of the African plague. The Regional Epizootic Commission in Plovdiv today decided, by urgent meeting, to kill all pigs raised in yards in the 20-kilometer zone near industrial farms by Friday. The only industrial farm near Plovdiv is located in the village of Belozem.


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All wild pigs will be shot in the three-kilometer area around the hunting ground where samples of African plague have been found. Fortunately, there are no settlements in the mountainous area, but the danger of the spread of African plague in southern Bulgaria is enormous. At the same time, the Pazardzhik governor ordered all pigs to be killed voluntarily by August 2nd. The Regional Epizootic Commission in Sliven also called on the farmers to kill their animals by themselves.

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