Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov sees his country’s advantage in a duel with Turkey for the new location of a Volkswagen factory. It promises business-friendly policies and government subsidies, writes the German edition of Handelsblatt.

According to the publication, Bulgaria is not worried about Turkey’s competition for a new Volkswagen factory. The country believes it has a good chance of winning the Wolfsburg contract for a billion-dollar project near the capital city of Sofia. “Bulgaria is in a better position than any country in the region in terms of investment risk,” Borissov told Handelsblatt.

снимка: Volkswagen.bg

снимка: Volkswagen.bg

He is convinced that the future investment of the company will be positive for the whole of Eastern Europe. He points out Bulgaria’s advantages – a competitive tax system, business-friendly regulations and state aid combined with good transport links and low labor costs. “The Bulgarian government has offered Volkswagen the maximum permissible state support in strict accordance with European legislation, as determined by the European Commission for the region,” the prime minister added.

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