“My concept can be briefly described in two words – upgrade and change”, said Ivan Geshev. The concept of governing the Prosecutor’s Office of Geshev is now available to everyone on the website of the Supreme Judicial Council by the date of the election – October 24th. “I continue to think that the judiciary, and in particular the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria, is a debtor to Bulgarian society. It must do much to compensate for the lack of fair justice. I believe that magistrates’ employers are Bulgarian citizens and we are obliged to give them the “product” they expect from us. This product is called “justice”, Geshev wrote, stating why he agreed to be nominated as chief prosecutor.

снимка: БГНЕС

photo by: BGNES

He added that the successful model of the specialized prosecutor’s offices, their interaction with other parts of the law enforcement system and the good European practices adopted by them, should be applied to other prosecutor’s offices. “The cost of the so-called criminal transition should not be paid only by ordinary Bulgarian citizens and taxpayers”, Geshev said. “Last but not least, I believe that I have the support of the colleagues we have worked with in recent years and their work and diligence should not be left in vain”, Geshev said.

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