Regarding Maya Manolova’s candidacy for mayor of Sofia, Borissov said: “No one helped Manolova more than I did during her entire term as an Ombudsman, despite opposition from GERB and the parliament. Manolova asked for hundreds of millions for the disabled people that were given to her. She came often and many times to me and ministers, “Borissov explained. The prime minister indicated that his only claim to Manolova was about the interview, in which she said that the state sabotaged and repressed her.” There is no way the state will repress her, everything she wants she gets it, “he added. “GERB made her Ombudsman, I hope they conduct a fair campaign with Yordanka Fandakova and BSP raise a candidate, not hide behind Maya Manolova, who they drove out,” he said.

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