The president again drew dividing lines. This is what GERB’s PG chairman Dr. Daniela Daritkova said in a statement on the new political season, FOCUS reported.

“I do not know if it is correct to address the president who just left us. It was significant to us that in the eighth session of the 44th National Assembly we were honored by the presence of the presidential institution. We believe that this could be a good sign for a dialogue between the institutions in Bulgaria and for the beginning of establishing their authority. In this Chamber, we swear to abide by the laws and the Constitution of the country. The Constitution states that each MP does not represent only his constituents, but all Bulgarian citizens. In the same Constitution in Art. 92 states that the President is the embodiment of the unity of the nation. Unfortunately, today we have again seen the dividing lines. The dividing lines between those who have raised the president and speeches in favor of certain political forces. We are ready for dialogue and we have always stated it, but it must start with an honest and respectful attitude, “emphasized Dr. Daritkova.


“Still, the presidency is still two years away. I rely on Ms. Yotova’s political experience to find reasonable solutions to help this president remain in the history of the presidential institution, not like the most negative president who made the most threats to public peace, such as the president who has devalued the veto institution and the president as the personification of the only nation.

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