The time for change expires as young Bulgarians exit our country. This is what President Rumen Radev said in his address to the people from the Bulgarian Parliament. “I hope that what I put forward will not only cause perseverance, but it also is an occasion for reflection, debate and responsible state decisions. Bulgaria needs to become a normal European country with the rule of law, an active civil society, with transparent, accountable and responsible institutions that work effectively and in the interests of the citizens. Without these fundamental prerequisites, there will be no security, no European income and no quality of infrastructure and public services.The path to achieving such a goal goes through the proposals I have made. Their implementation into decisions is entirely within the constitutional powers of the Bulgarian Parliament”, Rumen Radev added.
Provision is required for the Prime Minister to appear at least once a month in the plenary hall to answer general questions on government policy. “In my view, giving up answering questions is a departure from democratic principles and establishing it will be a step towards good parliamentary practices”, the President added.

The Head of State reported that the Bulgarian government was one of the few that had not discussed its management program with the National Assembly. “The moment for greater independence, initiative and responsibility of local authorities through real financial decentralization has come. A step in this direction will also increase the much needed civic activity in the region. Currently, municipalities depend on the government’s condescension, which is being implemented through very often, by unknown party criteria in most cases. I think that improving the law on direct participation of citizens in local government should also be the focus of the National Assembly”, Radev added.

“As the Chairwoman of the National Assembly mentioned, a difficult parliamentary session is coming, and a number of laws are to be passed, the most important of which is the state budget and local elections”, said the head of state. He said that at the same time we should not miss the fact, that there are also problems in the country whose solution is not only urgent but also requires a longer period for discussion.

“I will not go into details about the situation in the country. My position is well known, but in addition to discussing a number of indicators, we should not miss the fact that Bulgaria continues to lose its most valuable wealth – the people. The key factors for effective governance, transparency, accountability and responsibility are missing”, the President said.

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