Diana Kovacheva sworn in as Ombudsman. Kovacheva takes the post after Maya Manolova has deposed her resignation to join the local elections for the mayor of Sofia. Manolova’s nomination was already raised by an initiative committee. Diana Kovacheva has been Deputy Ombudsman since the beginning of 2016 and, by law, after the termination of the Ombudsman’s powers, she takes up the post until the election of a new National Public Defender.

снимка: БГНЕС

photo by: BGNES

“I have been sworn in with the awareness of the great responsibility I take and the importance of the Ombudsman’s human rights function. I commit myself to my primary concern being the rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as my obligations against violations and wrongful interference with their rights. The agenda of the Ombudsman’s institution, as before, will be determined by the people and their problems”, assured Kovacheva.

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