“It’s not over, it’s just been postponed to May.” This is what Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said after the European Council meeting, at which the leaders decided to postpone EU enlargement. “The fact is that we did not agree to have a written decision of the Council. But a huge part of the countries support Northern Macedonia and Albania to get their perspective. On the other hand, our support has always been there. They have time to finish the controversial issues”, Borissov added
бойко борисов

Regarding the categorical opposition of French President Macron to accelerate the negotiations on the accession of Albania and Northern Macedonia to the EU, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov commented that none of the countries said “no”, “everyone said  “ok”, but let them be prepared as much as possible. Several months are not the eternity that could end this process.” Borissov advised Zoran Zaev not to resign because there is still much work to be done.


On the topic of choosing a new BFU president, Borissov commented that he is irrelevant and it was their right to choose who they wanted. “But with this BFU leadership, the government will not have any financial relationships anymore. We stop the money we have been giving out for pitches, for lighting and for helping football, but we are ready if the football union presents a five-year program to talk with them”, the Prime Minister added.
Тръмп САЩ ЕС

Earlier today, it became clear that the US would impose duties on European goods, the Prime Minister said, “We have very good bilateral relations and none of the goods that are listed as sanctions affect Bulgaria.”

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