Healthcare spending growth in 2020 will be around 500 million levs, Health Minister Kiril Ananiev told reporters in Dobrich, stating that there is still a debate with the Ministry of Finance on the draft budget.

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photo by: BGNES

Ananiev added that the growth of the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) is 395 million levs. According to him, there will also be an increase in the budget of the Ministry of Health, which will ensure sustainability of the additional expenditures made by the government in the system this year. The minister said that more money was also provided for the newly purchased blood testing and transplantation machines.

Responding to a question about the final decision of the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) to repeal the ordinance for determining the package of health care activities guaranteed by the NHIF budget, Ananiev commented that a new legislative act was being prepared. We are already at the finals for the preparation of a new ordinance, which is in line with the findings made by the SAC, Ananiev said. According to him, the new ordinance should be ready before the start of the new financial year and before the signing of the new National Framework Agreement for Medical Activities.

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