GERB – Sofia, together with the UDF, propose to hold a debate between the candidates for mayor of the capital and their teams, which should be in neutral territory with the possibility of broadcasting by all media of interest. This was announced by GERB.


“The days between the announcement of the official results of the first round and the conduct of the second round are very few. We are firmly convinced that our fellow citizens deserve a structured debate with a clear regulation and enough time to hear the proposals of candidates and their teams on topics that are public. “Our city needs clear answers to the essential questions, and we believe they can be heard in such a debate. We owe the citizens the opportunity to make an informed choice”, GERB wrote.

снимка: БГНЕС

photo by: BGNES

Maya Manolova replied that she would accept the invitation of GERB. “My answer is simple, I will debate with Mrs. Fandakova face to face, not hiding behind teams and advisers. I think we owe it to the citizens to make their informed choices. It’s time for Sofia have a mayor with personal responsibility, not an executive director”, Manolova wrote.

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