“The political map of Bulgaria is blue with the label “GERB”. It is normal to have different political parties in the settlement management. The people who vote for GERB are mainly in the cities with the largest population and strong economy”, Menda Stoyanova, a member of the GERB, said.

Менда Стоянова Снимка: БГНЕС

Menda Stoqnova, photo by: BGNES

“There have been places, especially in Sofia, where the vote was cast on hate to GERB, a hate that I cannot explain. You vote because you hate, you can’t go into the facts and judge the candidate you vote for hate. To me, this is not normal political behavior. A lot of young people, especially right-wing voters, cast their vote for Mrs. Manolova. In my opinion, hatred is not the right leader”, she commented.

борисов, фандъкова
“Sofia had run-off elections for the first time in years, but I think a reasonable vote has prevailed”, she said. According to her, more municipal councils are from GERB, but that will not prevent good communication in the management.

The changes ahead of GERB’s structures, in her words, are in a positive direction. This will allow the experience to be passed on the younger party members.

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