Parliament adopted the NHIF budget for 2020 at first reading. 120 deputies voted in favor of the budget, “88” voted against and “abstained” – 0, which was adopted. The budget of the Health Fund for 2020 provides for 4 744 704,9 thousand BGN of revenues and transfers. Health insurance revenues amount to BGN 4 640 733,7 thousand, of which BGN 3 107 134,2 thousand are income from health insurance contributions and BGN 1 533 599,0 thousand are transfers for health insurance.


The estimated funds for health insurance contributions amount to BGN 3 107 134,2 thousand, which is an increase by BGN 264 880,0 thousand compared to the same in 2019.

снимка: БГНЕС

“There is no difference in terms of prevention, early diagnosis, treatment in outpatient care, and treatment should be a priority. There is no difference in that, “Ananiev said. He pointed out that any sharper movement would lead to chaos and confusion in the system.

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