Internal opposition demanded the resignation of Korneliya Ninova and the BSP leadership in a letter. The reason is the failure of the local elections. The letter is an alternative analysis of the election results prepared by the representatives of the inner-party opposition. The author of the analysis is Chavdar Georgiev – a former member of the leadership of the time when Mihail Mikov was the chairman of the socialist party.

Sergei Stanishev

The document contains the signatures of 50 socialists, including Mihail Mikov, Sergei Stanishev, Atanas Merdzhanov, Angel Naydenov, Dimitar Dubov, Georgi Bozhinov and Borislav Gutsanov, as well as current MPs such as Valeri Zhablianov, Krasimir Yanglyov Anton Kutev, Lalo Kirilov and Dora Yankova. The letter was mailed to all members of the BSP National Council before the party’s Sunday plenary session, which will discuss the performance of the BSP in the local elections.

In the analysis, they say the party practically repeated the results of the 2015 elections, when there are 60 mayors and 930 municipal councilors, while there are now 58 mayors and 1006 councilors. The analysis of the opposition states that a change of chairwoman and leadership is necessary if party members want the BSP to be seen as an alternative. “With the political course of this leadership, the BSP cannot win the next elections, it will only grow as much as GERB wants”, the socialists said.

Although the National Council is unable to vote in the chairwoman’s resignation, in the face of electoral losses, the leader has not once asked for a vote of confidence from the council. People close to Ninova doubt that such a move will be made. After losing the European elections, Ninova first announced her resignation, but then refused to resign and demanded a new term. Its current term expires in the spring of next year, when the direct election of the BSP president is to be held for the first time.

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