The water regime in Pernik and the surrounding populated areas is coming into force today. City residents will only have water for 10 hours a day. Every morning from 5 АМ to 10 АМ and every evening from 5 PM to 10 PM. The reason is the drastically low water level in the Studena Dam. Pernik and surrounding villages are expected to have enough available water from the Studena Dam in the next 5 months. Besides the households, there are kindergartens, schools and hospitals that are affected by the regime.

Язовир “Студена”, снимка:

The Mayor of Pernik, Stanislav Vladimirov, accused the water company of underestimating the situation and missing valuable time in which it could have easily avoided the serious catastrophe. Citizens of the city are also looking for the culprit for the dried up dam and have threatened with protests. Regional Minister Petya Avramova pointed the low rainfall as the reason for the incident.

Язовир “Студена”, снимка:

She pointed out that options are currently being sought for diversion of water intakes that are not owned and are not in the territory of the water supply and sewerage system of Pernik to the Studena dam.


Today, the results of the samples taken from the Lower Dikanya Dam are expected as to whether its water is for drinking purposes. If it turns out to be suitable for drinking, engineeringг and construction activities will begin so that it can feed the Studena Dam.

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