The Ministry of Environment and Waters has taken action to limit the abstraction of water from complex and significant dams for drinking and domestic water supply with an available volume of less than 50%. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry.

Язовир “Студена”, снимка:

Water abstraction is stopped for purposes other than drinking and domestic ones, for Dyakovo, Asenovets and Yastrebino dams. The MOEW informed the WSS operators, water users and the operating companies managing these dams to restrict the use for other purposes in order to secure the drinking water supply. They are advised to take measures for alternative water supply from other water sources in order to ensure the drinking and domestic water supply in the respective settlements.

Язовир “Студена”, снимка:

Dyakovo Dam currently has a fill rate of 36.98%. The dam is used not only for drinking water, but also for industrial purposes, irrigation and energy. The December 2019 schedule will limit water supplies for drinking purposes other than drinking water.

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