“The issue of treating children should not be politicized; there will be no child deprived of medical care,” Health Minister Kiril Ananiev said from the parliamentary rostrum regarding the closure of the intensive care unit at the Specialized Children’s Hospital in Sofia.

He was called to be heared regarding the case at the start of parliamentary scrutiny. The appeal was made by the vice-chairman of the BSP Parliamentary Group Georgi Svilenski. “10 minutes ago you rejected the BSP’s proposal to hear the Minister of Health. My call is to give the opportunity, despite the refusal of the ruling party GERB to hear the Minister, let the Bulgarian society to get to know, “Svilenski said.

Parliament Speaker Tsveta Karayancheva reminded that the BSP procedure had been rejected and invited the Minister, if he wished, to present information.”I would like to address the left side of the House, when I come another time to parliamentary scrutiny, after those words, you addressed to me, never say ‘dear Mr Minister’. Do not call me like this because it is not true and you do not feel it, “said Minister Kiril Ananiev.

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“First, I want to start by saying that neither the hospital is closed nor the intensive care unit is closed – the Emergency Center is. This so-called emergency center is an intensive care unit with four beds and three medical specialists. Can no country like ours deal with such a problem with such a critical period ?! Of course it can. A complete organization has been set up. An algorithm for action, communication between medical establishments has been created, ” the Minister emphasized in his speech. He also pointed that he would not remain a child deprived of the necessary medical care.

Ananiev reported that he had sent a committee to analyze the capacity of this department. “We had a meeting with Prime Minister Borisov in May, and representatives of the entire hospital, not only of this particular unit, came. The prime minister asked them, “What do you need to be comfortable in the hospital?” They said, “We want to get the necessary resources to cover the resources needed to cover national salaries under the collective employment contract.” It became clear that they needed BGN 1 million and 700 thousand and the government voted for them, ”Ananiev noted.

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