The PostScriptum Ventures Investment Fund will provide full scholarships under the Go, Learn and Come Scholarship Fund in 2020. This will be the first specialized fellowship for a Masters Degree in Sustainable Development, Green Management, Climate Change, Sustainable Finance, Renewable Energy, and other eco specialties.

“PostScriptum Ventures is an investment fund with a focus on sustainable development, renewable energy and innovation. Our team is made up of young people who have a strong interest and want to contribute to a more sustainable future. Most of them have completed their education abroad and have returned to work in Bulgaria. That is why we believe that Bulgaria needs more young, thinking people and we support education through various initiatives. We will provide one full-time postgraduate study abroad scholarship. The only condition is then for this student to come back and work in Bulgaria “, says Managing Partner of PostScriptum Ventures Dimitar Enchev.

PostScriptum Ventures creates this scholarship in partnership with Tuk-Tam, which brings together Bulgarians with experience and education abroad who believe that Bulgaria is a great place to work and live, and want to make it even better together.

The competition for the full master’s scholarship will start in May 2020. More information about him can be obtained from

PostScriptum Ventures S.a.r.l. is an investment fund with a focus on sustainable development and innovation. The company finances energy businesses with innovative ideas and business models that contribute to the transformation of the energy sector from fossil fuels to other, low-carbon, energy sources. In addition to energy, the company is also interested in energy efficiency, digital transformation and socially significant solutions that lead to the conservation of natural resources and wealth, the building of societies and a better future for future generations.

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