“We have remained silent so far to await the evidence in the case of 3-year-old Alex. We as doctors are forced to make decisions in difficult situations and it became clear that this medical case is an extremely serious infection – bilateral massive hemorrhages in the lungs caused by a viral infection, with which additional complications have arisen. ” This was stated by the President of the Bulgarian Medical Association, Dr. Ivan Madjarov. On December 6th, the final report on the death of the child, who died in Pirogov after going through 3 hospitals, was announced. Due to the check, the directors of Pediatrics, the government hospital and Pirogov were suspended. The inspection by the Executive Agency did not identify any misconduct in the work of the doctors. The directors of three hospitals were reinstated.

“Unfortunately, close to 800,000 people die every year from this disease. He said the allegations against the doctors involved in the case were unfounded. “It has come to respected doctors there to be tainted without evidence. We have the right to defend ourselves by standing firmly behind our colleagues. I urge you all together to fight for the truth, to build trust and faith, because miracles are possible when we believe in our healer, ”said Dr. Ivan Madzharov, Chairman of the BMA, in conclusion.

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