Parliament elected Sotir Tsatsarov as chairman of the Commission to Combat Corruption and Seizure of Illegally Acquired Property (CPCONPI). With 165 votes in favor, 30 against and 3 abstentions, MPs elected the acting Attorney General to head the committee.

In addition to Tsatsarov, the candidate for the post was Volya MP Simeon Naydenov. 12 MPs voted in favor, 42 opposed, 136 abstentions.

Sotir Tsatsarov graduated with a law degree from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “. On January 10, 2013, he assumed the position of Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria. Prior to that, he was chairman of the Plovdiv District Court. He was also Deputy Chairman of the District Court – Plovdiv, President of the District Court – Asenovgrad and District Judge.

Tsatsarov was proposed for the post by the GERB and United Patriots PP in early November. Naydenov was supported by Will. “Two years ago, the CCPNPI was created. If today we ask anyone out of this room what the CCPNPI is related to, most people will say with the illegally acquired terrace of its chairman Plamen Georgiev. No, within two years, the Commission has proven ineffective, Mr. Tsatsarov said at the hearing that he would try to arouse it. We believe that he will make every effort, professional, to which is a spot bin. Mr. Tsatsarov, this committee is not asleep, she was born dead. It is such because there is no investigative function “, said BSP leader Kornelia Ninova.

“The big problem today in the human rights system is the incredible scandals at the top of this human rights system. No one thought in this Grand National Assembly that it would be 30 years since democracy, 30 years since this December 14th, to which we removed Article 1. so that you, too, can be a Socialist Party, have a PES chief, Ms. Ninova be the Vice-President of the World Socialist International, in order to bring him a meeting of such a supreme body as the SJC for 10 hours on television, angry, hating judges talking profanely voters say, “Mr. Markov, what they jank.” “They” are the Supreme Judicial Council. You can imagine in the eyes of the people how far our judiciary has come system, “said GERB MP Georgi Markov. By law, the new head of the commission will complete the term of office of Plamen Georgiev, who resigned.


The Anti-Corruption and Confiscation of Illegal Acquisition Commission (CPCONPI) is an independent, specialized, permanent state body for the implementation of the anti-corruption and foreclosure policy. It was created by the Anti-Corruption and Confiscation of Illegal Acquisition Act (LPACCI) (promulgated SG No. 7 of January 19, 2018). The Commission reports on its activities to the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Commission is the successor to the Commission for the Confiscation of Illegal Acquisition (CONPI).

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