There are no patients on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with symptoms of Chinese coronavirus. There is no Covid-19 in Bulgaria. This was said in an interview for BTV’s This Morning by Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, Director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (NCSP). He said that the test of a woman from Plovdiv who was suspected of having a serious illness was negative.

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Prof. Kantardzhiev reminded that the coronavirus test is not done at will, but at the doctor’s discretion and in the case of symptoms – high fever and difficulty breathing.

When returning from countries where patients are ill, call your healthcare provider and stay home for 14 days, the epidemiologist advises. The returnee from abroad should also limit his contacts with his relatives – sleep in a separate room and not eat with them.

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The epidemiologist said again that the new virus is less of a threat to children, babies and pregnant women, and is more dangerous for the elderly, especially when they have other illnesses. The virus does not survive long in the external environment, so it is advisable to wash your hands frequently and use chlorine-based disinfectants and masks. The precautionary measures are the same as in the case of the flu epidemic, Prof. Kanatregiev said.

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