A meeting of the National Coronavirus Headquarters was held at the Council of Ministers. Headquarters experts say there is no confirmed case of contagion in the country. Despite various publications appearing in various media, there is no coronavirus in Bulgaria. In addition to the topic of the coronavirus, Borissov also spoke about the danger of a new migrant wave coming from Turkey. In his words, such danger is real. Borissov ordered the forces of the army, the gendarmerie to be deployed on our land border. Ships should intensify patrols along our maritime border so that they can respond in the event of heavy refugee pressure at our border with Turkey.

“We have data on quite a lot of migrants. We have already deployed gendarmerie along the borders, so we have maximized the border as well as the sea,” Borissov said.

“The yellow, hacker news says you are hiding a coronavirus. All countries are almost there, so there is nothing shameful if there is such a huge amount of traffic and human traffic in Bulgaria. It makes no sense, there is no logic to do,” he said. . Borisov called for a gene. Mutafchiiski told only the truth about the topic and called for coronavirus briefings to be held at 08:00 and 17:00 every day.

The Prime Minister ordered that no panic be created among the population. Make the information about the movement of preventive measures in Bulgaria clear and quickly accessible to the population. The government is ready to allocate BGN 50 million from the Coronavirus Crisis Fund. The Prime Minister noted that large numbers of people should be allowed in public places as a preventative measure against the spread of the virus. In Bulgaria, no coronavirus has been demonstrated at this stage. In contrast, cases of common flu have increased.

“To date, we have no proven case of a Bulgarian citizen or a foreign citizen residing on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria with a coronavirus infection. Daily information is released on the website of the Ministry of Health whether such data is available or not. We have no confirmations so far. under hospital quarantine, which are being investigated in a timely manner. When the studies are done, we announce them immediately to the general public, “said Gen. Mutafchiyski.

Borisov said he ordered the state reserve to release 100,000 liters of alcohol because of the lack of disinfectants and alcohol in pharmacies.

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