“In view of the changes we are expected to make in Parliament, the change of state of emergency and changes in other laws, today we the Executive Bureau and the leadership of the parliamentary group also discussed our plan and the measures we will submit to parliament for consideration in the coming days, “BSP leader Cornelia Ninova said during a press conference at the party headquarters after a meeting of the Executive Bureau.

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“In the discussion, we have set ourselves three goals: to be measures that are oriented towards caring for those most affected by the crisis who have fallen outside the scope of other aid measures. Second, government support for those sectors of the economy that they can generate GDP growth and economic development Thirdly, measures to boost consumption as a major pillar for growth in economic growth In relation to those groups of people left without income and without any assistance in the country, we are proposing for one minimum wage with social security at the expense of the state for people who lost their job, are not covered by labor offices or unpaid leave to watch their children, “said the leader of the BSP. Ninova explained that this makes BGN 725 per person.

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“In terms of incentives for economic sectors to pull growth, they are construction, tourism and agriculture. We are offering 30 million grants to small farmers outside all other European support funds. These are production incentives,” Ninova said. . “In terms of construction, we are focusing our attention on the water and sewerage sector and will insist on public investment there. Before the crisis, the entire water and sewerage sector was in a total collapse and collapse, water supply networks, the status of dams, treatment plants, all municipal projects affecting renewal of the water supply and sewage infrastructure. It was a huge problem before the crisis came. We just forgot it. This is a huge sector where new jobs, jobs for material suppliers, etc. can be concentrated, “he explained. BSP leader.

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