The government will allocate BGN 600,000 for the Rila Monastery, announced Prime Minister Boyko Borissov. The Prime Minister visited the Rila Monastery today, after it became clear that there was a shortage of funds for the monastery due to the increased costs of the Holy Synod. Borissov undertook before the Bishop of Adrianople Evlogiy tomorrow within the meeting of the Council of Ministers to allocate additional funds, beyond the planned state support for the current year of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the amount of BGN 26 million, of which 12 have already been transferred million BGN.

The restoration and reconstruction of the Rila Monastery will be able to continue with the new over half a million levs. Prime Minister Borissov has pledged the government to provide financial support for the construction of a monastery wastewater treatment plant. The Prime Minister reminded that the road to the Rila Monastery was recently repaired: “Two or three years ago it was all in holes, but we fixed it and now it is fantastic,” Borissov said.

Prime Minister Boyko Borissov also announced that the government would support several other monasteries, as well as the Plovdiv Holy Metropolis.

“Apart from the Rila Monastery, tomorrow we will support the other two monasteries, which are subordinated to the Holy Synod. We will also allocate funds to them so that they do not fall into a similar situation, because they have distributed all the money for salaries. money for a new church in Plovdiv, “Borissov explained.

“The road to the Rila Monastery is wonderful. I know that two years ago we made the road, which was all in holes, and now it is fantastic. If there is a landslide, I will send them to fix it. If rocks have fallen somewhere, because they used to build poorly, “In communist times or whenever, it’s not my fault, we will repair it as well,” he said.

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