At the end of 2019, a coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, central China. This happened after people developed pneumonia in December for no apparent reason, which did not respond to known treatments. The virus began to spread rapidly and cases began to appear in Asia, Europe and North America. This led to the closure of borders and bans on flights between countries, conditional travel, one of which was the introduction of a negative test for coronavirus before the trip, which continues to this day.

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Today, a year ago, the first two cases of coronavirus in Bulgaria were reported, and on March 13, 2020, the parliament declared a state of emergency. Orders of the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev followed, which restricted free movement and introduced masks as a permanent accessory indoors and outdoors, closed shops, malls, restaurants, discos, bars, hotels, theaters, kindergartens and schools, which introduced distance learning. students.

The measures taken by the government to compensate businesses during the lockdown period are; measure 60/40, which was subsequently transformed into 80/20 as the state pays 60% of employees’ salaries, the BNB announced rescheduling of loans for a certain period of time, interest-free loans up to BGN 4,000, BGN 24 per day for employees in unpaid leave, as well as BGN 1,000 per month for first-line medics. The budget of the Ministry of Health has been increased many times over for the purchase of protective equipment for first-line medics and the provision of everything necessary for the treatment of the coronavirus. To date in Bulgaria the confirmed cases are 259,811, 36,716 – active cases. 10 593 – died, 22 – for the last day. 212 502 – cured, 584 for the last day.

After several vaccines were approved by the European Medicines Agency, Bulgaria gained equal access to them, like all other European countries. On December 27, 2020, the immunization campaign against COVID-19 began in our country throughout the country. The first vaccinated was the Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov. Since the beginning of the campaign in our country the total number of administered doses of vaccines is 288,631, including 1,513 for the past 24 hours.

One year turned into restrictive measures that changed people’s way of life, a year full of challenges to the authorities, a pandemic that highlighted the accumulated problems in the health and education systems. The challenges facing the pandemic are both economic and mental. Our lives have turned upside down, and if we haven’t appreciated the little things before and being free – to travel, to go out, to have fun, the coronavirus has turned that notion around.


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